Everyday Savings with OSPE

Every year, OSPE requests member feedback through our detailed Member Satisfaction Survey. In 2015, you told us that affinity offers were one of your top-two reasons for joining OSPE. As a result, we’ve made it a priority to continue to enhance your everyday savings through our EngineersFirst Savings Program.

This year, we’ve introduced several new loyalty partnerships to ensure that you’re enjoying significant everyday savings on the products and services that you use everyday.

Check out some of the many ways that you can save with OSPE on the daily:

Everyday Savings

Did you know…

Venngo Member Perks offers significant everyday savings from a growing list of over 1200 brands, with new perks added regularly?

Plus, if you want to see a new brand included on the discount program, you can suggest-a-perk on the Venngo website and their team will contact that company to invite them to join the platform.

Find out more about the Venngo Member Perks savings program and the easy-to-use mobile app.

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