Introducing OSPE’s New Ambassador Program

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new volunteer initiative – The OSPE Ambassador Program!

OSPE recognizes that we couldn’t do much of our vital work without the time and commitment of our volunteers.

As Ambassadors, our volunteers inform our advocacy objectives, help to guide the Society’s activities and carry our message to their communities and networks. They ensure that OSPE can continue to make a positive impact for Ontario’s engineers and generate an appreciation of the engineering profession.


 Ambassador Program
To become an OSPE Ambassador, simply take a few minutes to register on our Ambassador site. Here, you will be able to indicate the Ambassador Program opportunities that are of interest to you. The system will then present you with tailored volunteer openings.

We have also developed a new Ambassador Recognition Program which will track and award points based on your participation. As you collect points through the Ambassador Program, you will be offered prizes such as swag bags, credits for events and even complimentary memberships!

OSPE strives to provide our Ambassadors with meaningful opportunities that make an impact and effect positive change:
  • Board of Directors be a leader in the profession and run for OSPE’s Board of Directors;
  • Committees and Task Forces – join like-minded individuals and prepare government submissions, organize events and guide OSPE’s activities;
  • Events and Trade shows – lend a helping hand by volunteering at a school career fair or by representing OSPE at an industry trade show. Becoming an OSPE Event Ambassador is a great way to support your profession;
  • Mentorship Program – become a mentor and support mentees who are recent engineering graduates and in the early stages of their careers;
  • Political Action Network – help build a strong, consistent engineering message by meeting with government officials to discuss a range of issues and public policies affecting the profession;
  • Speaker’s Bureau – interested in spreading your message? Become an OSPE Speaker and share your experiences with others;
  • Student Ambassadors – take your student membership to the next level by gaining valuable experience as a student ambassador;
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) – are you an expert in your field? Identify yourself as a Subject Matter expert and share your passion and expertise.

Become a Change-Maker!

Learn more about OSPE’s Ambassador opportunities here.


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