A Message from OSPE’s CEO on COVID-19

Dear members,

In this turbulent atmosphere, OSPE has actively been working with its industry and government partners to discover how COVID-19 will impact the engineering community, and working towards finding solutions that will mitigate the health and economic impact. Even though our offices are closed to the public, OSPE continues to work hard on behalf of the engineering community. In this time of crisis, we believe the stability that the voice of engineers can provide is more important than ever. We are happy to contribute to well thought out policy founded on the examination of the best evidence.

Since last week, OSPE has been in direct contact with the Provincial Government to share our perspective on the impact COVID-19 may have on the engineering community. We have discussed both short term and long term affects of the virus, with full consideration of work safety and the economic effect rescheduling or the cancellation of engineering projects will have on our members and their firms.

We also invite our members to open a direct line of communication with us, through email, or our various social media platforms, to share with us the impact this is having on your business or workplace. We have been reaching out to our partners, companies, and stakeholders to help understand the situation, and to share best practices on how to protect their employees, businesses, and investments. With the participation of our members, we hope to share these resources with the larger community soon.

As we continue to provide ongoing advice to the Ontario government, we will continue to listen, learn, and collaborate with our members, partners and stakeholders, and bring their concerns to the relevant Government bodies. In this time of confusion, OSPE and its engineers hope to stand as a bulwark against misinformation and chaos and we are proud to serve as a direct line between you and the government. We will also continue to share with members the best practices suggested by the Federal and Provincial governments, as well as share your best practices to mitigate the impact to these governments.

We hope with this proactive, collaborative approach, we can minimize the economic and social impact of COVID-19. We encourage our members to share their ideas, stories, impact to their business, and thoughts on what governments at all levels can help with the economic recovery of the industry. Please provide these via stories@ospe.on.ca. We will review these and include them in our ongoing conversation and submissions to our government partners.

OSPE is made by its members, for its members. Please do not hesitate to reach out any point should you require information, assistance, or further clarity on any topic.

Sandro Perruzza, CEO of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers

For more on COVID-19 and its affect on engineering in Ontario, visit our COVID-19 news page

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