Balancing Climate Change and Consumer Expectations

The following guest post was contributed by The Canadian Institute.

Ontario is seen as one of the North American leaders in combatting climate change, but as of late, at a high price to consumers. Recent polls indicate Hydro Rates are the top concern for Ontarians, begging the question: how do you balance the infrastructure upgrades necessary for reliable, clean energy, while also making rates affordable to Ontarians?

To adapt to industry changes, Ontario’s updated Long Term Energy Plan is being developed around 5 Key Pillars:

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Clean Energy
  • Community and Indigenous Engagement
  • Conservation and Demand Management

The Ministry of Energy will be sharing an update on the soon-to-be released plan and The Ontario Energy Board will explore how to balance both consumer and utility need. In terms of how to implement these plans, a panel of experts will weigh in on current asset upgrades, and investing in aging infrastructure to meet policy needs, and what impact this could have on already sky-high hydro rates.


The Ministry intends to publish the next Long-Term Energy Plan in 2017. CI Energy Group’s 6th Annual Ontario Power Symposium, taking place in April, will bring together decision makers to help tackle questions around implementing these 5 Pillars in future design.

Further information on the program, including a full time listing of sessions and speakers can be found here.

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