Introducing OSPE Board Candidate Réjeanne Aimey, P.Eng.


Réjeanne Aimey, P.Eng.


SR&ED Consulting


  • MBA, University of Phoenix, 2007
  • BESc., University of Western Ontario, 2003


  • SR&ED Consulting, 2016 – Present
  • EHS software consulting, VelocityEHS, 2015 – 2016
  • Manufacturing, General Motors of Canada Limited, 2010 – 2014
  • Engineering, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, 2009 – 2010
  • Engineering, General Motors of Canada Limited, 2003 – 2009
  • Mechanical Engineering Internship, DuPont Canada Inc., 2001 – 2002


  • Registered as a professional engineer in Ontario in 2007


  • Member of OSPE in 2017


  • 2017, WIES (Women in Engineering Science) Design Competition Leadership Committee, Marketing and Media Lead
  • 2016, WIES (Women In Engineering Science) Design Competition, Coding Volunteer


Hello! I’m grateful for the opportunity to potentially serve as a Director for OSPE. I’ve had over a decade of engineering experience and I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and working with some of the best engineers. One of their fundamental qualities has been diligence and duty of care in service to others without expectation of returns. I have spent the majority of my career advancing the needs of corporations and at this juncture, I find I have the need to serve.

My service journey resumed last year when I volunteered to support kids ages 11 – 14 to design, build, and market apps to support sports rehabilitation. This year, I am again supporting these kids in further advancing technologies because I believe that just as fostering awareness and innovation from early is vital to the survival of engineering education, forging relationships and advocating for mandatory contributions from engineers is vital to the survival of the engineering profession. We do this by getting visible. Through advocacy we lift our profession and in the process we leave an indelible footprint on our communities. We become invaluable as more people recognize our contributions and create safe, efficient opportunities for all.

I am concerned about the perceived lack of opportunity for engineers in Ontario. I would like to contribute by advocating for additional funding for research, development, and innovation. Combined, this is one avenue through which engineers, even those fresh out of school, can create and elevate society to greater heights by building lucrative, successful careers and businesses. We continue on the path set by prior OSPE directors, using our talents to catapult our profession into every audience that will have us. We keep building relationships and pulling our volunteers in at every opportunity. We move forward together. Thank you and I look forward to serving with you.


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