Introducing OSPE Board Candidate Rob Kamranpoor, P.Eng.

Rob KamranpoorName 

Rob Kamranpoor, P.Eng. 

Employer and position 

Hydro One – Grid Operations Field Manager 


Ryerson University (Electrical Engineering – 2004), University of Phoenix (MBA, Technology – 2011), York University, Osgoode Law School (Masters-in-Law (LLM) – Energy & Infrastructure – 2015) 

Employment History 

  • Electric Spin (Engineer) 
  • CN Railway (Signals & Telecom Engineer),  
  • V-TEC Enterprise (Owner) 
  • Ontor Ltd. (Technical Sales) 
  • Hydro One (Project Planner, Investment Planner, Program Manager, Project Manager, Technical Services Manager, Grid Operations Manager) 

Activities in Advocacy Organizations  


  • IEEE (Industrial Relations, Vice-Chair, Chair of Toronto’s Young Professionals – 9 years),  
  • Hydro One Charity Campaign Executive Committee Member (2 Years) 
  • OSPE (Energy Task Force – 2 Years) 
  • Hydro One People in Energy (PiE) (4 Years) 

Years of Registration with Profession 


  • P. Eng. (Since 2011) 
  • PMP (Since 2011) 
  • OSPE (2 Years) 

Candidate Statement 

“Re-Energizing the Profession by Empowering the Professionals” 

Rob Kamranpoor creates a vision and brings it to reality through strategy and collaboration. He sees challenges as opportunities to “think outside the box” and uses his creativity to achieve success for the greater good. He leads by example, always doing his best and encouraging and influencing others to do the same. Rob has always advocated for engineers and the profession by demonstrating the value of engineers, and the fact that they are a necessity in society. Rob’s strength lies in his communication skills through listening to understand, and he thrives on building relationships through trust, while creating an engaging work environment. Rob is a man of integrity and able to make tough decisions when necessary.  

Currently, as a Field Manager at Hydro One, the largest utility company in the province. Rob oversees the critical day to day operations of a billion dollar plus organization, and accountable for his team’s performance and safety. He has led a team accountable for engineering standards that incorporated safety by design, and responsible for the regulatory portfolio that assured public safety. Rob empowered his team to utilize their strength and slightly shift their focus from just a “standards” to an enabler of innovation for the department.   

Rob holds an engineering degree from Ryerson University, MBA from University of Phoenix, and Masters in Law from Osgoode, York University. His passion for the engineering discipline has motivated him to serve as the Chair of a few committees, including Toronto’s IEEE Young Professionals. His passion for people and his company encouraged him to become the Chair and co-founder of the People in Energy committee in his current organization that is a member-driven community that strives to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for all Hydro One employees.  He believes that by embracing a culture of collaboration, companywide, we can break down barriers, increase engagement, and become “One Company”. 

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