Introducing OSPE Board Candidate Shannon M. Pole, EIT

Shannon M. PoleName 

Shannon M. Pole, EIT 

Employer and Position 

Shannon M. Pole Solutions, Owner 


  • Bachelor’s of Engineering and Society, McMaster University – 2011 
  • Master’s of Engineering and Public Policy, McMaster University – 2013 

Employment History 

  • International Zinc Association, Technical Market Development and Corrosion Consultant – May 2014 – Present 

Activities in Organizations 


  • OSPE, Women in Engineering Advocacy Committee member – since 2012 
  • PEO Government Liaison Committee, student member – May 2011 – December 2012 


  • PEO West Toronto, executive member – since 2017 
  • PEO Oakville, Education Chair – June 2011 – January 2016 

 Years Registered with the Profession 

  • Ontario – 6.6 years 

 Other Professional Affiliations 

  • Society of Women in Engineering, Toronto Affiliate, founder 
  • American Concrete Institute, Steel Reinforcement Committee member 
  • American Concrete Institute, Materials for Concrete Construction Committee member 
  • Transportation Research Board, Corrosion Committee member 

Candidate Statement 

Instead of feeling abandoned and left out, what if your voice was heard and you could watch as your profession evolves to meet your current needs?  

Keep your eyes open, because that is exactly what is happening!  

Now that Associate members are eligible to run for the board, I’m asking you to vote for me to the first associate member on the OSPE Board.  

Seven years ago I blazed a trail at PEO, becoming the first student to sit on a PEO committee. Two years ago I pioneered the way for a Society of Women Engineers Affiliate in Toronto to form and meet the needs of women in the field here and now.  

This brings me to OSPE. We have seen the organization evolve over the past few years, offering more professional development opportunities, career fairs and more. Now it’s time for the next step, to engage recent engineering graduates and engineering interns more actively in the profession. It may be a cliché, but it’s true that we are the future of the profession and it’s time to be involved and represented in the continued evolution of engineering. Only then can you benefit from the wealth of experience currently at the table.  

Therefore my commitment to you, the members of OSPE, is two-fold:  

  1. Engage recent engineering graduates and engineering interns to be involved and know they belong
  2. Bridge the gap between them and the senior leaders of our profession for effective knowledge transfer as we all work together to elevate the profession. 

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