Introducing the ENGage Forum: Your Destination for OSPE Member Discussion

We’re happy to announce the launching of our new discussion forum for members: The ENGage Forum! The ENGage forum is a place for members to go to discuss all things OSPE and engineering. From membership questions, to our advocacy topics, and even what you’d like to see from our Engineering Academy, OSPE members can log on to the ENGage forum and have a say in the direction of OSPE.

Where is the ENGage Forum and How can I use it?

First things first, you have to be an OSPE member to use the ENGage Forum. Have you signed up yet? OK, good. The first step is to go to the login page.

Once you’re in the Member’s Area, click on the ENGage Forum tab and you’re in!

What Now?

Take a look around at the different topic categories that may be of interest to you!

engage forum screencap

If there are particular categories that you’re interested in following, click on the Subscribe button on the right hand side of the category to receive email updates anytime someone posts a new topic or response in the category. When adding or removing any category subscriptions, make sure you scroll to the bottom and hit the Update Subscriptions button to ensure your choices are saved.  

OK, I’m Ready to Post.

Once you find a category that you’re interested in, you can click on it and view all of the different threads, or in this case “Topics,” within the category.

If one of the topics catches your eye, you can click on it and add to the discussion by clicking on “Post a Reply” in the bottom right hand corner of the last post in that topic.

Interested in the category, but don’t see a topic that strikes you? Start your own thread! You can do this by clicking on “Add New Topic” which is shown at the bottom under all of the topics listed in that category.

So I can post whatever I want, right?

Of course! We encourage all OSPE members to share whatever is on their mind… as long as it’s relevant to the profession and/or the Society.

If you’re unsure whether your post would be appropriate or not, have a look at the Community Management Guidelines topic under the Code of Conduct category. All posts as subject to moderation from the OSPE team.

Something’s not working right…

Have any issues with the ENGage forum or with navigating our website? Head over to the Troubleshooting topic in the Community Guidelines section and let us know what you’re having issues with. We’ll try our best to resolve your issues ASAP.

With the launching of the ENGage Forum, we hope that OSPE members use it as a place to voice their concerns or share interesting ideas. We’re always looking for new ways to engage with our members and hope that the forum will be the go-to place to do so!

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