OPEA 2022 – Dr. Saad Younis Jasim, P.Eng. (The Engineering Medal – Entrepreneurship)

Last month at the 2022 Ontario Professional Engineers Awards, Dr. Saad Younis Jasim, P.Eng., received the Engineering Medal – Entrepreneurship. We are pleased to share his citation for this coveted award.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Jasim has focused his professional engineering work on health and safety. Currently, he is working on a project to introduce a technology applying ozone as a safe & effective sanitizer in the fight against COVID-19.

He developed, sponsored, and led the project “Removal of Cyanotoxins in Surface Waters Using Ozone & Advanced Oxidation Processes” with the University of Windsor and Mitacs from 2018-2020. The project investigated the removal of cyanotoxins from harmful algal blooms in the Great Lakes region of Canada and the USA.

His experience has helped many industries, municipalities, and educational institutions in dealing with complex water quality issues. He successfully used ozone as a primary disinfectant for a large municipality (Windsor) and helped in controlling taste, odour, and other water quality challenges, such as removal of chemicals of emerging concern (pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting compounds, personal care products), and the removal of cyanotoxins-from harmful algal blooms. Many municipalities followed the successful application of ozone in Windsor.

His contribution as the Founding CEO of the Walkerton Clean Water Centre has been significant, as he has developed the Centre into a premier training ground for many water professionals. He successfully managed the project for the construction of the new LEED GOLD building for the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.

Dr. Jasim has also successfully developed and implemented a project for the reuse of treated sewage effluent to deal with water scarcity in arid environments, a growing concern with respect to climate change.

Dr. Jasim also completed, on-time and below budget, the design and construction of the water treatment plant for the removal of arsenic and manganese in White Rock, BC, which resulted in two patent applications.

Dr. Jasim has received awards from the International Ozone Association, the OWWA (Ontario Section of the American Water Works Association), the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Windsor Essex Region Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations in recognition of the high quality of his professional engineering work.

He is the Immediate Past President of the International Ozone Association (2020-2022) – the first Canadian to lead this organization.

Since 1996, he has been an Adjunct Professor in the University of Windsor’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He co-supervised seven Masters students at the University of Windsor, one Masters student at Western University, and two PhD students at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. He has also published many peer-reviewed articles, and presented over a hundred papers at national and international conferences.

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