OSPE keeps you in the know: Stay informed on your profession’s compensation trends

Compensation survey

Have you taken advantage of all the perks available to you through your OSPE membership?

The OSPE Employer Compensation Survey Summary Report is as another prime example of OSPE’s dedication to supporting you at all stages of your career.

Whether you’re a new grad in the midst of the job hunt, an experienced engineer looking for a new position, or an employer creating an up-to-date compensation plan, the OSPE Employer Compensation Survey Summary Report will keep you informed on current hiring trends and compensation levels across all disciplines of the engineering profession, so that you can make independent decisions regarding salaries and benefits.

Conducted by Mercer in partnership with OSPE, the Survey Summary provides compensation data by job title, graduation, geographic location, industry and employer size, focusing on quantifiable aspects of compensation such as:

  • Base salaries and salary ranges
  • Increase percentages/amounts and merit increases
  • Incentives and bonuses
  • Allowances and benefits
  • Working hours

OSPE members have FREE access to the Survey Summary and they receive a 50% discount to access the detailed engineering compensation data from the broader National Engineering Compensation Survey available through Mercer’s MarketPricerTM.

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