Spring maintenance: Winter Can Be Hard On Your Home

Winter can be hard on your home. So read our maintenance tips to help you get your home ready for a worry-free summer.

Give your home a spring checkup

It’s always a good idea at the start of a new season to check your house for damage. Here are 5 things to do after the snow has melted.

Check your eavestroughs and downspouts

Check for leaks, jams (often caused by dead leaves) and loose parts. Improper drainage could cause water to seep into the basement or crawl space, so make sure that water has a clear course to flow down and away from the foundation.

Aerate the lawn

Compacted soil can be a problem in low-lying areas of your yard. They tend to flood when it rains, and the pooling water can become a breeding ground for insects.

To solve the problem quickly, rent an aerator to go over the affected areas. For a more affordable, long-term solution (for relatively small areas), add some earthworms to naturally aerate the compacted soil.

Inspect your roof

Inspect your roof from the ground to see if shingles were lost or damaged during winter. Cracked, buckled or loose shingles will need to be replaced. If you need to get up on the roof to do repairs, be sure to wear a harness.

Don’t hesitate to hire a contractor if you don’t feel comfortable doing the repairs yourself. It’s a highly specialized task, and there’s no shame in hiring professionals to do it for you.

Check the foundation

Check the concrete on your foundation for cracks or signs of movement. Fill small cracks with filler or silicone caulk. Then as soon as the weather is good enough, power wash it and seal the concrete.

Taking the time to do this every spring can save you costly repairs down the line and help you make the most of your time at your home. For larger cracks, consult a professional.

Inspect your windows

Inspect your window frames for gaps and leaks, which can be caused by dramatic changes in temperature. During a summer heatwave, leaks will let hot air inside your house and can cost you a small fortune in AC. Seal gaps with silicone to stay cool in the summer!

In Canada, we look forward to spring. No matter how much you feel like going out and enjoying the first days of warm weather, take care of your home first and enjoy a worry-free summer!


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