The Four Phases of the P.Eng. Licensing Process

Licensing Process 4 Phases

On June 2, 2018, we will take this handy infographic on the licensing process one step further at OSPE’s 3rd Annual Engineering Intern (EIT) Summit. 

Licensing Process

This popular event includes short presentations on the EIT process, planning your engineering career and information about OSPE’s EIT support services.

The day will also offer plenty of networking opportunities with fellow EITs and engineering graduates.


  • Canadian and international engineering graduates interested in pursuing their P.Eng. designation;
  • Registered EITs who want to fully understand what to expect at each stage of the licensing process;
  • Engineering graduates and EITs seeking to successfully navigate the engineering job market.


  • What the PEO EIT application process looks like
  • How to prepare for your Professional Practice Exam (PPE)
  • What PEO looks for in an Experience record and how to create a successful submission
  • What to expect if the PEO requests you to attend the Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) Interview
  • How your membership with OSPE prepares you for licensure and the job search process

View a full schedule and register here.


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