January is PPE Preparation Season for ITEs

Exam Skills Preparation

For Internationally Trained Engineers (ITEs), becoming an accredited P.Eng. in Ontario is a milestone that can put you on track for Canadian career opportunities that better reflect your skills, experience and potential market value.

To practise as a professional engineer in Ontario, you must successfully complete PEO’s Professional Practice Examination (PPE) as one of several licensing requirements. The PPE requires you to write short essay-based answers that demonstrate your understanding of questions related to ethics, professional practice, engineering law, professional liability, and the Ontario workplace culture.

If you are planning to write the PPE at the April 2016 sitting, OSPE invites you to consider registering for its 33-hour Exam Skills Preparation course that begins in January 2016. This bridging program has been designed specifically to help Internationally Trained Engineers get ready for both the content and the communications requirements of the exam. The course not only provides a foundational background on the topics addressed in the PPE, but also covers exam-writing strategies that enable you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills through well-crafted responses.

ITEs who have taken the Exam Skills Preparation course have reported having much greater confidence in their grasp of the PPE’s topics and in their overall ability to pass the exam. The skill set acquired through this course is also highly transferable to other professional situations and continuing education courses. Finally, successful graduates of the course are eligible for one year’s membership with OSPE, which provides a valuable avenue to further engineering resources and professional networking opportunities.

OSPE encourages you to apply early if you’re interested in one of our January 2016 courses in Mississauga, Toronto or Ottawa. Please visit the pages below to apply!







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