Mentoring 101: How to Get Started in OSPE’s Mentorship Program

Mentoring onlineMany engineers credit one or more mentors for helping them achieve early career success. As a member of OSPE, you can establish game-changing mentoring relationships as a mentor, a mentee or even both.

Mentoring is about more than teaching or tutoring. It is a goal-directed relationship that is built on mutual trust, empowerment and learning. In fact, mentoring is a fantastic way for all parties involved to grow professionally, while actively contributing to the development of the engineering profession.

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Take these steps to get started in OSPE’s mentorship program:

1) Register
  • Send an email to to express your interest in joining the program
  • Click on the Invitation Link that you were sent to register, or you may receive an email from MentorCity with login details.
  • Download the MentorCity App at the App Store or Google Play. Also, you can use the browser on any device, tablet or computer.
2) Login

Visit or click on Login

  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your password. If you have forgotten your password – click on ‘Forgot Password’.
3) Profile

Under the Profile menu item, click on ‘Edit profile’ and complete the following sections:

    • Basic Information – Option to import your profile from LinkedIn.
    • Employment – Include your employment experience.
    • Competencies – rate the areas that you would like to develop and those in which you are strong.
4) Search

Click on ‘Find Mentor’ or ‘Find Mentee’.

    • Search based on the criteria that are important to you, such as specialized skills/development areas, industries, job functions, languages and meeting cities.
    • Tip: Select only one or two criteria when starting your search and then refine your search by adding other necessary criteria as you go along.
5) Review Search Results

Review mentor or mentee profiles that return from your search criteria to determine a good fit.

6) Send Invitations

Send your selected mentor or mentee a message explaining why you would like to establish a mentoring relationship with them and then wait for a response.

7) Invitations Received

If you have received an email notification from a potential mentor or mentee, click on the link to view the invitation, review the message as well as the person’s profile and then accept or decline the invitation.

8) Relationships

Once your mentoring relationship is established, schedule meetings by syncing your calendars or by using the ‘Send Message’ section on the platform.

    • Tip: The mentoring relationship page can also be used throughout your relationship to: complete a mentoring agreement outlining the expectations of the relationship, post agendas, set goals, ask/respond to questions in-between meetings, record time spent and the number of meetings, upload files, take notes, review content on how to have successful relationships, and fill in a program evaluation at the end of the relationship detailing how you benefited from the relationship.

Take your first step forward by joining the program and then get ready for an exciting mentoring journey that will open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

So what are you waiting for? Send an email to to express your interest in joining the program as a mentor or mentee today!

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