Level Up! How to Set Yourself Up for a Promotion

PromotionHave you been working in your current role for a couple of years? Are you itching to take over the reins on an important project? Do you feel it’s time to seek out a promotion? What can you do to make sure your name is the first that comes to mind the next time the higher ups are thinking about moving someone another rung up the corporate ladder?

Here are 7 tips to help you nab the promotion you’ve had your eyes on:


1. Focus on the First Few Years


There’s a reason why people say you should hit the ground running when you get a new job. According to one study, you’re more likely to be promoted within your first two to five years at a company. That means you have a limited amount of time to learn the ropes and make a lasting impression as someone who adds value.

Talk to your boss early on in your new gig about what it takes to get to the next level in the company. Go for coffee with people who have recently been promoted and find out what they did to get ahead. At some workplaces, you might need to get an extra certification, or bring in a certain amount of new business. At others, you might need to show an aptitude for leading others or an ability to work independently. One study found that being positive was an important factor in promotion with 86% of managers and being able to prioritize your work was critical to 87% of higher ups. Find out the recipe to success at your workplace and make sure you distinguish yourself early on by following it.

2. Take the Training


The same study that found that the first few years are critical, also found that employees who take additional training were almost twice as likely to be promoted. Whether your employer offers you training opportunities or just gives you a budget for professional development, make sure you take advantage of every chance to learn. It will show you’re eager to evolve as an employee and it will help you perform your job better.

3. Be Vocal


If you don’t ask for something, you might never get it. If people don’t know that you’re eager for a promotion, they might think you’re satisfied where you are. Make sure to discuss your career future and aspirations with both your manager and other leaders within your company. They’ll be more likely to think about you when an opportunity comes up. Making your intentions known also gives them the chance to give you the advice and feedback you need in order to help you get to your next career stage.

4. Make Sure People Notice Your Great Work


Making sure that people know about your accomplishments doesn’t mean talking loudly in the break room about how awesome you are. Instead, you should take part in projects with high visibility and connect with people who are higher up to discuss your career or to use them as mentors. Report back on your work frequently to your manager, but focus on your results and not your efforts. You want to create a track record of tangible results by measuring and reporting on your successes in a way that’s clear, specific and focuses on return-on-investment.

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