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Building Science EngineerOSPE member Eaton Kwan, P.Eng., has been in the Building Science and Restoration field for over thirteen years, carrying out investigations and project management, and creating reports and specifications for various sized projects. In his current role at Pinchin, he assists junior staff in conducting field investigations and assembling reports. His areas of expertise also include technical coating application requirements, exterior insulation & finish system (EIFS) construction, and legal & forensics studies.

Why did you choose to pursue engineering?

Engineering is one of the most rewarding careers I have had. I get to interact with people who are willing and eager to learn and better themselves. As someone who has worked in IT and in high-end competitive road cycling products, I find engineering still has the best balance of all.

What do you find most fulfilling about your current role?

I would say it has been most fulfilling engaging with new engineers and technologists. It’s great to assist them in distilling the engineering skills that they’ve gained through education to suit the engineering industry.

What do you think it means to be an engineer?

To be an engineer it means to always wonder and hold the public safety above all else.

Beyond technical knowledge, what other skills are useful in your current role?

In my current role in the building science and restoration field, beyond technical knowledge, I need effective communication, time management, people management, conflict resolution and adaptation skills.

What’s next for you in your career in the environmental and building science space? What are your goals and aspirations?

My goal is to continue to develop the existing capabilities of my present workplace. I aspire to become a thought leader in some form of esoteric building science knowledge or engineering (coating technologies or carbon fibre manufacturing).

How do you hope to work together with OSPE to achieve your goals and elevate profile of the engineering profession?

I will continue to highlight the importance of OSPE as a forum for new engineers. Joining OSPE, along with PEO, should be thought of as a one-two process.

What is your hope for the future of the engineering profession in Ontario?

My hope for the future of the engineering profession is to continue self-governance, and to increase public exposure on issues affecting the social and municipal realms.

What words do you associate most with OSPE?

When I think of OSPE, I think community, inclusion and support.

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