P.Eng. Day 2024 – What Does a P.Eng. Stand For?

P.Eng. Day 2024

Happy P.Eng. Day! March 1, 2024, is the seventh annual P.Eng. Day in Ontario and OSPE is excited to celebrate with you.

Ontario’s engineers are vital to the innovation and growth happening in Ontario right now. This past year Ontario engineers have strengthened our infrastructure, advocated for more diversity in engineering, and fought for higher indoor air quality standards, and that’s just the start.

Describing Ontario’s hard-working engineers in just a few words is a challenge, here’s what we came up with:

P.Eng. Day 2024

P – Professional

Engineering is one of the oldest professions. Engineers have been important contributors to the development of modern society, and in a complex world with more than eight billion people, it is even more critical that engineers are held to the highest standards. Employing the most qualified, licensed individuals to “do the work” is paramount. We are proud to support our members throughout their journey, from engineering student to a meaningful engineering career.

OSPE is committed to protecting the practice rights of engineers and the use of engineering services as a force for creating a more equitable and diverse society.

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Sustainable Procurement
Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility Task Force

P.Eng. Day 2024

E – Efficient

Engineering training programs require focus and discipline and feature how to solve real-world problems facing our community.  Engineers are programmed to be systems-level thinkers who can balance the needs of today and tomorrow, maximizing tools and processes. To us, that is all about efficiency, which is why we are happy to celebrate this quality and lean into our depth of knowledge and experience to make sure that the most efficient solutions are considered, and to shine a light on when they are not.

OSPE  admires our members’ commitment to making sure that evidence-based, efficient solutions are available to Ontario’s decision-makers.

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Retail Electricity Price Reform
Proposed Amendments to the Greenbelt Plan

P.Eng. Day 2024

N – Noble

The word noble can be defined as “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals”. Engineers have always been held to a standard of “doing no harm” and that encompasses protecting the health and safety of the community, as well as operating with honesty and integrity within their areas of competence.

OSPE is fortunate to have so many talented individuals who are committed to making Ontario safer and more productive, and we encourage all Ontarians to support these efforts.

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Introduce a Clean Indoor Air Act in Ontario
New Bill Tabled to Ensure Safe Water for First Nations Communities

P.Eng. Day 2024

G – Groundbreaking

The world as we know it is built on groundbreaking advancements made by engineers. The way we travel, communicate, and perform daily tasks with ease, are often the result of the work of engineers who saw opportunities to solve a problem. Professional engineers are consistently at the forefront of innovation and this orientation towards finding creative solutions has helped engineers create global change.

At OSPE, we are committed to supporting research and innovation from our engineering community.

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Research and Innovation Task Force
Quantum Technology

How would you describe a P.Eng.?

Let us know by downloading our P.Eng. Day graphics here and sharing them on social media with what you think the letters could stand for. Don’t forget to tag us and use the #PEngDay.

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