OSPE’s Exchange Hub and Guelph Black Professionals group hold Engineering Report Contest

On October 23, 2020, The Guelph OSPE Exchange Hub partnered with the Guelph Black Professionals group to host the first ever Engineering Report Contest. The contest was open to all engineering undergrad students with $1000 on the line, split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Students were given 24 hours to write a report on either of these two topics:

    • A system that can be implemented to reduce household water waste; or
    • A solution to improve the flow of traffic where there is heavy traffic.

The winning entry was judged by a list of Guelph professors, including:

  • Dr. Bill Van Heyst guelph black professional engineering contest
  • Dr. Julie Vale
  • Dr. Ping Wu
  • Dr. John R Donald
  • Dr. Ryan Clemmer
  • Dr. Scott Brandon 
  • Dr. Cameron Farrow 

The winners were as follows:

First Place:

Isabelle Tam, University of Ottawa 

  • Winning Paper: Sustainable solutions to reduce Canada’s waste production 
    • 2 conceptual designs:  
      • Maximum amount of waste a household can produce a week 
      • Promotion of reduce, reuse and recycle 
  • Jury Citation: “Meeting criteria exceptionally such as; excellently formatted, identifying and discusses major constraints, criteria and assumptions.” 

Second Place:

 Kasturi Ghosh, University of Waterloo 

  • Winning Paper: Waste Management in Waterloo 
    • Conceptual design: 
      • Education, diverting waste to be converted to biofuels and incinerating hazardous waste 
  • Jury Citation: “Meeting criteria with excellent formatting with a conclusion that focuses and explains well one of the solutions.” 

Third Place:

Motoolani Ojikutu, University of Guelph 

  • Winning Paper: Waste Management in the City of Toronto 
    • Conceptual designs  
      • Introducing biodegradable materials and effective utilization of composting 
  • Jury Citation: “Meeting criteria by making design clear and concise, discussing the possible design approaches and possible solutions.”  


A big congratulations to all of the winners! OSPE and its Exchange Hubs welcome all opportunities to work with local engineers across Ontario, whether it be through facilitating mentorships, hosting competitions, or providing up-to-date information to its members. Please see ospe.on.ca to see how you can join and further your engineering career!

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