Meet Your 2023 Board of Directors Candidates

OSPE’s 2023 Board of Directors Election is underway, and last week, we hosted our All-Candidates Virtual Town Hall. Each candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves to OSPE Members and join a question period moderated by Stephen Pepper, P.Eng. (Chair of OSPE’s Nominations Committee).

The session recording is shared below, in addition to each candidate’s statement and a link to their full profile.

Voting for this year’s election closes Monday, April 17, 2023. For more information, consult our Board Elections page.





Nicholas graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 as an Electrical Engineer and went straight into industry. Throughout his time in industry, he worked on a number of sensor applications and quickly began to recognize the limitations that exist with electrical solutions. A better alternative had to exist, and this was found through research being done at Ryerson University with fiber optic sensors. With a background in solving real world problems, Nicholas went back to school and completed his Master’s degree at Ryerson University in August 2016, with his research focused towards developing a unique, low-cost solution that could enable the replacement of conventional electrical strain gauges. Fibos was not a success, but after operating for 6 years and employing over 36 individuals, the experience was invaluable. Nicholas has returned to Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) to manage the universities Intellectual Property portfolio and support researchers commercialize their technologies. Nicholas obtained his Professional Engineer certification in September 2015 and has been a strong supporter of the education of future engineers, acting as a course administer at the University of Toronto and volunteering for a number of different events, such as VEX, and Formula North. The opportunity to continue to be involved with the OSPE Board would be an honour and in-line with the desire to educate and grow the engineering community in Ontario.

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It has been a privilege to serve you as an OSPE Board Director since 2020. I ask for your continued support as I seek a second term.

I remain keen to serve OSPE because it is the home of the engineering community, a place for our profession to collaborate and give voice to issues important to us and our communities. I am particularly passionate about OSPE’s efforts to advance the engineers grow and prosper pillars outlined in the new (2022-2025) strategic plan; successful advancement of these pillars will complement efforts to continue building an engineering community that is inclusive, and trusted for its leadership.

In my time on the OSPE board I have served on numerous committees and working groups. This breadth of activity provides a foundational understanding of OSPE’s organizational capabilities as it executes upon the new (2022-2025) strategic plan and provides some continuity of organizational governance.

With your support, I will continue to serve OSPE by drawing upon past board governance experience with my community economic development corporation, and my professional experience as an owner and leader of an Eastern Ontario headquartered geo-environmental science and engineering business.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for the OSPE Board. Regardless of who you vote for this spring, I appreciate your continued engagement as a member of the OSPE engineering community – our profession is all the better for it!

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As a professional engineer and member of OSPE, I have observed that members of the PEO don’t fully understand the value proposition that OSPE offers to them, and I am committed to increasing membership within energy companies and their vendors in South Western Ontario.

Drive and enhance member value proposition to build loyalty and drive member acquisition and improve retention rates.

To assist with excellent member experience and enable member engagement.

To assist with delivering on OSPE Values and Strategic Plan Goals and execute the four strategic pillars linked to the goals.

I possess the experience in these various categories that will make me assets to serve as a board member, (i) Risk Management and Controls, (ii) Regulatory, by ensuring an organization is complying with all of the regulations and laws, (iii) Membership Association Management and Member Relations.

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I am extremely honored to be nominated for the opportunity to serve on the OSPE board. As an Engineer with 25+ years of extensive experience in Automotive and Manufacturing industry, and significant experience as an entrepreneur and a business owner, I can offer a valuable perspective on a wide range of advocacy issues for Ontario engineers.

As an internationally trained engineer myself, I know the challenges that internationally trained engineers face in their effort to be part of the profession and with the licensure process. I have personal experience of how important it is to be engaged in the profession, to create networks and have professional affiliation. With the years of continuous professional development, technological advancement and engineering approach to the projects, I am successfully leading a well reputed manufacturing company in the North America, known as MSS Machining. The company is providing manufacturing solutions to the top Automotive and OEM Companies like GM, Flex N Gate, Borg Warner, Aircraft Appliance, and Mobile Climate Control.

I am interested in participating as a member of the Board of Director to do something meaningfully to the profession I care about. I believe OSPE is the best platform to lead, collaborate and work together with area experts and government to advocate for the whole engineering society and more recognition for our engineers in the public.

I believe my Industrial, strategic planning, business, and entrepreneurship skills will be very useful, while participating in OSPE initiatives to advocate the voice of the engineers and our society. My goal will be to promote diversity, create opportunities for engineers and engineering graduates to connect, collaborate, and contribute as they progress through their career.

Please join me in the voting for the OSPE board of director election. Thank you for your support and consideration.

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The engineering profession is diverse, evolving and full of opportunities for transformation. As practitioners, our focus on continuing to remove barriers, increase diversity, encourage and provide growth opportunities for young engineers will open paths for the next generation of engineers. Through work and volunteering with youth, I promote and encourage interest in the profession. I want to serve on the Board of OSPE to support the transformation to the future of engineering.

I work on best practices, innovation, collaborative programs, and circular economy initiatives that rely on a variety of engineering disciplines. I want to serve on the Board of OSPE to advocate on the criticality of engineering in addressing issues and improving lives.

I am a long-time Toronto resident. As a consulting engineer and active Board member of the Canadian Brownfield Network, I am accustomed to steering multi-disciplinary teams that connect across practice areas and hierarchies. I want to apply my skills in relationship building, communication, and engagement to become a valuable member of the Board of OSPE.

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As an immigrant engineer, my focus is on EDIB (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging). OSPE is doing a great job in some of the related areas, but we need to improve the existing processes and develop more engaging processes, specifically in the areas of Inclusion and belonging. Together, we can make a positive change.

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I am honoured to be considered for the opportunity to serve as a Director on the OSPE Board. I believe engineers have a unique and holistic perspective on the world that allows them to advocate for government, employers, and their community.

OSPE’s task forces are the pillars of the organization and I will ensure that task force leaders have the tools and resources they need to support their teams. This will increase member satisfaction and allow these advocacy initiatives to reach their full potential by amplifying their voice via the appropriate platform.

If elected, I will bring my enthusiasm and dedication to the engineering profession by positively influencing new and existing members from diverse backgrounds to help achieve the Board’s objectives. I intend to achieve this by engaging with the broader OSPE community and raising OSPE’s profile to university engineering groups and professional regional chapters, like Engineers without Borders.

I believe I am an ideal candidate because of my experience as an OSPE member and mentor to young engineers. By understanding young engineers’ aspirations, I will help increase membership engagement and further advise on OSPE’s strategic direction. My work experience constructing infrastructure has provided me with the relevant skills to work with many authorities with jurisdiction in Ontario and has given me the understanding of how policies affect varying levels of society. This experience, in combination with my passion for the engineering profession, will empower my success as a Board member.

I look forward to serving our powerful community.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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