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Volunteer Task Forces are critical to OSPE’s advocacy efforts. Volunteers on these committees work closely with staff to examine policies, make recommendations, and inform the public. They contribute to the value of membership through the contribution of published research and other content.

OSPE is proud to have several active Task Forces:

Climate Crisis

Climate change is the most critical issue facing society today. OSPE’s Climate Crisis Task Force is dedicated to making sure that engineers lead the way to a greener future.


Energy consumption is at the core of modern existence. OSPE’s Energy Task Force explores how we can meet Ontario’s current and future energy needs while balancing the impact on our communities, environment, and pocketbooks.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

We live in a world where everyone should be able to make their contribution. OSPE’s EDIA Task Force is actively promoting inclusion and supporting those organizations committed to real change.

Research & Innovation

Engineers are critical to developing novel solutions to modern challenges. The Research and Innovation Task Force supports innovation in Ontario with a focus on CleanTech and Data Governance.

Sustainable Cities

Ontario's urban areas are central to our vibrant economy and diverse community. The Sustainable Cities Task Force is focused on the future development and redevelopment of these areas in smart, sustainable ways.

Indoor Air Quality Advisory Group

In 2022, OSPE formed the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Advisory Group, responding to the need for evidence-based guidance around indoor air quality and transmission of COVID-19. The Advisory Group produced the following reports, identifying how COVID spreads and how Ontarians can combat its spread.

What – As a member driven organization, OSPE relies on the expertise and passion of our membership base to drive our advocacy efforts. The OSPE task forces are compromised of highly motivated individuals who want to have their voice heard. The 5 task force topics represent the issues that are most pertinent to engineers in Ontario today.

Why – Joining an OSPE task force not only allows you to connect with highly driven, successful and experienced individuals, it also provides you a platform to discuss your concerns with individuals who have expertise in the area, develop them into an advocacy piece, and utilize OSPE’s connections with policy making officials to get your message heard.

Who – OSPE task forces are compromised of individuals at varying stages of their careers, from undergraduate students to advanced professionals. There is no experience requirement to join a task force. If you think you have a valuable insight to offer and are passionate about getting involved in advocacy, we want to hear from you!

The time commitment is flexible based on your other commitments, but we encourage members to ensure they can at a minimum attend each hour-long monthly meeting and allocate a few extra hours per month to task force work.

How – To express your interest in joining a task force, please contact our advocacy department at advocacy@ospe.on.ca.

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