OSPE knows that our members want a vital and progressive profession that includes all voices, all talent and all of the leadership society needs, to solve today’s greatest problems.

It’s time to start making change and at OSPE we know that change can start with our own actions. We’ve developed a four-point action plan to address systemic bias in the culture, training and its licensure process.

Please join Ontario’s engineering community in a unified voice for a diverse and inclusive profession today. Together, we can make real change happen.


Our Four-Point Action Plan

  1. Take concrete actions and reaffirm that diversity and inclusion remain part of our core values,
  2. Offer regular diversity and inclusion training (through our DiversifySTEM website) to any members of the engineering community who seek it,
  3. Launch a new featured Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award to honour those OSPE members who are making real systemic change, and
  4. Convene stakeholders to discuss an industry-wide action plan.


We’re ready for action and real change to our engineering community’s culture. Are you?


Join Us in Making Change


“The evidence is clear. Women and other underrepresented groups are being held back from contributing to the vital work Ontarians need them to do. Our members’ voices are also clear: It’s time for action. It’s time for leadership. It’s time for real change.”

– Réjeanne Aimey, P.Eng., OSPE Past President and Chair