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OSPE’s Engineering Academy is your best resource to get the Continuing Professional Development that all engineers need. With a combination of webinars, short courses, and certificate programs, there is a growing library of content on our new EngLearn platform. Best of all, this content is curated by a committee of engineers, just like you…and by taking these learning opportunities with OSPE, they are immediately tracked I your profile, making annual reporting easy. Want to see more about what we have to offer?

Certificate Programs

Earn micro-credentials in project management, digital transformation, technical writing, and more.

Webinars and Workshops

Expand your knowledge and sharpen your skills with bite-sized learning opportunities from experienced instructors.

Thought Leadership Thursdays

Join leading experts for weekly webinars on technical and non-technical topics.


Enhance your technical knowledge and soft skills with on-demand learning programs.

Journey to P.Eng.

Journey to P.Eng.

OSPE has organized a series of courses meant to guide students through the licensure process, by providing up to the minute, organized, and efficient learning modules.



A place for engineers to share their expertise and unique insights in the form of short thought leadership presentations and talks.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Our training partners meet the challenges of the times and help us to consistently provide the professional development our members require.

Asset Management

As the impacts of climate change touch communities across Ontario, considering climate change in municipal asset management planning is key to increasing resilience and improving reliability for delivering municipal services in the future.