OSPE Group Memberships

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Company Benefits

Create a company culture that stands out by investing in your engineering team.
Attract and maintain a well-connected workforce that is:

• Up to date and engaged with the latest in engineering
• Continuously pursuing professional development including licensure
• Creating positive change in the engineering profession and community

Offering an OSPE Membership to your staff shows your commitment to supporting your team in their professional development. You can increase your team’s employment satisfaction by fostering their growth so they can take on new challenges, grow in their career, and add more value to your organization.

Get a complimentary business sustainability assessment by Rzultz Consulting. (A $2500 value)

Two-hour customized seminar by Corestone Law on one of three topics (Small claims seminar, Prompt payment or Contract review)

Liability & Risk Assessment resources from the BMS Group (Review of your Insurance portfolio, advise on potential risk areas and Highlight risk prevention and mitigation methods)

Preferred pricing on OSPE’s Engineering Academy programs, workshops, and certificate courses. (These discounts often pay for themselves)

Benefit of your engineering team having reduced business expenses via Venngo.

Want to maximize your membership? OSPE is happy to host a Lunch and Learn explaining how to access the benefits OSPE membership.

Individual Benefits

OSPE members are engaged participants in Ontario’s engineering community.
Being an OSPE member means you can:

• Make real change in the profession on one of our advocacy committees
• Easily access content to continue your professional development
• Be part of a community that cares about diversity in engineering, and
• Take advantage of member discounts and perks

The Benefits of Membership

Lend your voice and expertise to OSPE’s growing community of bold and respected leaders. OSPE is the place where engineers come together to collaborate with government, industry, academia and the public to help solve Ontario’s complex challenges.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

OSPE offers a full library of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) content developed specifically for engineers. With our suite of exclusive podcasts, webinars, and research reports, your engineers will have everything they need to meet their new CPD requirements for licensure.


A growing library of content from engineers and experts from a variety of engineering disciplines, all on demand.

Volunteering & Advocacy Engagement

OSPE has become recognized as a trusted advisor to government and is regularly asked to provide input on policy, planning and budget decisions. OSPE’s continued success relies on a strong member base and the active involvement of volunteers with subject matter expertise, like you.

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BM Ross

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