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Building Confidence and Influence

Author: Susan Hollett, MSc, CE

Building confidence and influence are skills, and like all skills they can be improved if you focus on developing them. In this ENGtalk, Susan shares how you can build your confidence and influence, particularly thinking about Self-promotion and Allyship. Speaker: Susan Hollett, MSc, CE National Program Coordinator & Facilitator WinSETT Leadership Program Since 2010, Susan has assisted with the development and implementation of the ground-breaking/ceiling-smashing Leadership Program for Women in Science, Engineering, Trades and Technology (WinSETT). The program offers workshops for employers and women to improve the retention, support and promotion of early career SETT women. Currently Susan is the National Program Coordinator and one of the seven Facilitators across the country. Susan has been certified as a Professional Facilitator, a Management Consultant and an Evaluator. she is the President of Hollett and Sons Inc., a consulting firm specializing in planning, facilitation and evaluation.