Eligibility/Selection Criteria: 

1.) The nominee must be a volunteer (excluding current Board Directors and Officers and current members of OSPE’s Awards committee), a member in good standing of OSPE, has contributed well beyond the normal level of effort and has served as an advocate for the engineering community through various roles during academic studies and immediately following graduation, and volunteered their time for the betterment of engineering students and young professionals across the province.

2.) The award may be given annually to an engineering student or engineering graduate up to 5 years from graduation.  

3.) The scope of the nominee’s achievement and the work undertaken for at least 3 years in the follThe nominee must have demonstrated well above normal efforts as a volunteer for a period of at least 2 years.  

4.) The scope of the nominee’s achievement and the work undertaken for at least 2 years in the following areas: 

  • The impact and benefit the nominee has made their volunteering in the engineering community and on campus;
  • Initiative and innovation related to their volunteering activities;
    — Any significant obstacles which the nominee may have had to overcome to achieve the outcomes of their work;
  • Raised awareness of OSPE among student body, faculty and the public; that demonstrate above normal contribution must be clearly identified on the nomination form.

5.) The President’s awards for young professionals will be based on nomination by 3 OSPE members, and final selection will be made by a majority vote of the OSPE Board of Directors.

6.) A nominee is exempt from supporting any other nomination

7.) Nominations can be initiated by multiple sources. However, it will be recommended that each of the OSPE committees put forward one name for each category, and if they choose not to, a reason must be provided by the nomination deadline.  It should be noted that committees can nominate persons who are not members of their respective committees.

8.) There must be more than one nominee per category for an award to be given.

Submitting Your Nomination: 

Nomination forms must be submitted on OSPE (awardsplatform.com) 

Any questions on the nomination forms please e-mail to: awards@ospe.on.ca

All forms must be received on or before Monday, January 23, 2023 by 4:00pm.
Nominations submitted after the deadline will not be considered.  


Nominations will be reviewed by the OSPE’s Awards Committee (OAC). OAC’s recommendation will go to the Board of Directors for final review and approval.

Past Winners:

  • Vanessa Raponi, EIT, Young Professional Category, 2021
  • Tiffany Joseph, Young Professional Category, 2020
  • Faizul Mohee, P.Eng., Young Professional Category, 2015