POLICY WIN: Ontario announces $625 million to the Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund

OSPE is proud to say we have been hard at work advocating for the need to upgrade the supporting infrastructure that will be required to facilitate the construction of new homes and communities in Ontario.

We have been actively campaigning for sustainable and resilient technologies, such as Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems, to support the expansion of water infrastructure to housing developments and communities across Ontario. We’ve recently engaged with the Minister for Municipal Affairs and Housing and the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks on these topics.

This morning, the provincial government has announced an investment of over $1.8 billion in housing-enabling infrastructure funding to contribute to tackling Ontario’s housing crisis, including $1 billion for a new Municipal Housing Infrastructure Program and $625 million to the Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund.

This injection of resources to the Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund will enable municipalities to address the pressing need for repairing, rehabilitating, and expanding drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure.

From the outset, OSPE recognized the vital role of robust water infrastructure in enabling housing construction and fostering community growth. Through targeted advocacy campaigns, OSPE effectively communicated the pressing need for strategic investments in water systems to alleviate bottlenecks stifling housing development across the province.

The culmination of these advocacy efforts is evident in the government’s historic announcement of over $1.8 billion in housing-enabling infrastructure funding. This substantial investment, which includes significant allocations for the expansion of water infrastructure, reflects a clear recognition of the critical role that engineering solutions play in addressing Ontario’s housing challenges.

As Ontario embarks on this significant effort towards a more inclusive and sustainable housing landscape, the collaboration between government entities and engineering expertise will be paramount. Together, we can realize the vision of vibrant, thriving communities where access to safe and affordable housing is not a luxury but a fundamental right.

To learn more about wastewater management, see OSPE’s whitepaper, authored by James Hotchkies, P.Eng., a member of our Research and Innovation Task Force. 

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