OSPE Applauds Ontario’s $74M Investment to Boost Cleantech Innovation

Today the Ontario government announced a $74 million investment in cleantech innovation from the Green Investment Fund to help reduce greenhouse gas pollution by encouraging industry to adopt leading-edge technologies, including support for entrepreneurs. This move directly aligns with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers’ (OSPE) recommendations to government outlined in its 2016 pre-budget submission:

  • Implement a holistic investment approach to cover all sectors that develop technologies that reduce greenhouse gases
  • Invest in innovation, support the cleantech industry and manufacturing, and create incentives for businesses to adopt more cleantech and high-tech solutions
  • Actively support entrepreneurs to bring innovations to market

“These announcements provide an excellent opportunity for engineers to be at the forefront of designing the technologies and planning the green economy that will make Ontario a leader in the global arena,” said OSPE’s CEO Sandro Perruzza. “Ontario’s engineers are involved in virtually every aspect of government initiatives to tackle climate change, providing the skills and capabilities to fuel and support these initiatives in their design, development, execution and management.”

OSPE cautions that government must confer with experts in order to unveil workable plans to reduce greenhouse gases. Engineers and other professionals can provide this expertise. OSPE looks forward to linking government ministries with engineers who are critical to designing and planning an effective and efficient Ontario Green Economy future.


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